We are the biggest recliner sofa and chair specialists in North Wales and stock fantastic living room furniture such as Himolla, Sheborne and Celebrity brands in our warehouse showroom.


Leather Recliner Chairs In North Wales

leather recliner chairs

Leather Recliner Chairs In North Wales

Why choose a leather recliner chair?

There are many benefits of choosing leather furniture instead of fabric. Leather furniture is more durable than fabric. As leather furniture ages it becomes softer and more supple, whereas fabric sofas and chairs become faded and often loses their shape. Leather furniture is dyed, meaning the colour is absorbed into the material and does not fade the same as fabric.

Leather is breathable meaning it heats and cools quickly making it more comfortable for sitting in all weathers. Unlike synthetic imitation real leather absorbs and releases moisture, so it doesn’t feel clammy or sticky. We recommend Sherborne Recliners, who only use real leather for their recliners and sofas.

Leather sofas and chairs often last longer than fabric, because leather is strong but flexible, meaning it less likely to tears especially around seams. Leather is also easier to keep clean as it resists spills and can be wiped clean.

See our collection of leather chairs and sofas at the North Wales Recliner Warehouse showroom.

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