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What Is A Riser Recliner?

rise recline chair

What Is A Riser Recliner?

A riser recliner is an electrically operated recliner, which aids people when they are rising from a chair. Riser recliners are designed for people who may not otherwise be able to rise independently from a chair.

Riser recliners have either a single or dual motor action, which is a mechanism that operates quietly and efficiently to allow users to rise independently and with ease.

So, what is the different between single motor and dual motor?

The backrest and footrest are controlled at the same time with a single motor, therefore when the backrest reclines, the footrest automatically rises to support your legs.

Whereas dual motor controls allows the backrest and footrest to move independently, so the footrest can be raised without reclining the backrest. Remember the correct support is important too.

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